Friday, 18 February 2022

The Four Winds in Cuatro Vientos - A Haiku Cluster


After experiencing storm Eunice today in England, I happened upon a poem I wrote about  another storm I lived through, over a decade ago, in Spain. Interestingly the place happened to be called "Four Winds" in Spanish!

But by far the more powerful force was not the extraordinary wind and rain, but the beautiful and transforming power of something more remarkable - the silent prayer of 2 million people kneeling in adoration in the middle of a storm.

Wild winds awaken

What duty and chaos dulled

in the concrete world.

2 million kneel

To touch the softening earth

as heaven descends.

This greater silence

Opens the heart of worship

and our souls revive.

around us the storm

dies as our peace is quickened

and the Spirit rests.

What is our bard work for?

Waking the spirit

Watering the thirsty ground

Reviving the soul

Drenching the hard earth

Softening the soil with storm

till the Spirit leaps.

Write and reveal

The ground of your own being

And you touch the Lord.

This cluster of haikus was written 3 days after attending the great vigil of silent prayer with Pope Benedict XVI and two million others all kneeling on the bare earth. 

Sarah de Nordwall  August  2011


Wednesday, 17 February 2021

Finding the Hidden Spring - a Creative Writing Course for Lent starting on Ash Wednesday at 10am

 You are so welcome to the Taster Session of our Finding the Hidden Spring this Wednesday at 10am to 11.30am

You will amazed what riches you find within you when you pick up a pen with fellow travellers and respond to poems, mystics and Scriptures.  

Our Zoom ID is 815 4546 3215   

See if the course is for you today and then sign up for the next 5 sessions.  We already have a wonderful collection of pilgrims making the journey together.

You'll receive plenty of encouragement and inspired poems to spring from.  Your words might just unlock something for yourself and for others.


Just write to or turn up today!  

Thursday, 1 October 2020

National Poetry Day celebration on Saturday October 3rd - When Joy Begins

 The Bards of the Bard School and friends would love to invite you to their 4th Bardic Mic Night since lockdown... held on zoom, but surprisingly nonetheless soulful and nourishing!

The theme of National Poetry Day this year is Vision... 

Our mic night name comes from a beautiful Jewish prayer that I was taught by Carmelite hermits when I travelled to Nova Scotia many years ago.  

"It is already night when joy begins

the Sabbath is at hand

And a beautifying surplus of soul visits our mortal bones

And lingers on."

And may it be so with you. 

See you there!  Saturday 3rd October doors open 6.45pm UK time.

Zoom ID 858 1275 6667

Pay on the Day.