Thursday, 20 June 2013

Show me the Door!

If you knew
There was a temple made of time
Which held a mystery

A day made of eternity

Wouldn’t you be racing
Aching for more
Asking every passer by
“Show me the door!”

If you knew
That a land where life was new
Flowed with delight

And crowned at its height
With a wedding banquet

Was waiting for you
And that you had a passport
but needed no transport
Wouldn’t you cry out all the more
“Show me the door!”

If you knew
That the One who made all
Opened a skylight

Let in the moonlight
When the bell tolled

And all was transformed there
Rooted and grew there
Into its true self
Learnt to be free
Wouldn’t you beg to be offered the key?

You know the alleyway
You know the wall

You know the songs to sing
You know the call

You know the dances
Come take the floor!

Angels of Sabbath

Here at the door!

Sarah de Nordwall March 27th 2013

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

The Step

The strange and angular truth
Bears a wayward fruit

Out of the way
But not out of mind

The island of the fruitful tree must be approached
But the bridge is broken

Only the crushed heart
Dares to be a foundation for the bridge's mending

But lo, the Green Man comes
And he would cross!

He stands with the broken heart
But it is not enough

Then suddenly, wild and tender
A sea-creature comes by to make the bridgehead.

She will be the servant of the Green Man's crossing.

The journey, thus, cannot be made
Without the creatures from the deep.

Sarah de Nordwall June 15th 2013

at Sr Sheila Gosney's workshop on Homecoming at the de Mazenod centre in Towerhill, London